Worlds: Landmoor

T he world is broken and doomed to repeat the failures of the past. The powerful race known as the Shae have forgotten their heritage and have chosen isolation and withdrawn into themselves to protect their society from the impure humans they chose to co-exist with after an ancient calamity. Now within the human kingdoms, an evil has risen from the shadows that threatens all the kingdoms and it has laid claim

to a lost magic that can heal any wound or destroy anything living. Civilizations will collide as everyone seeks to control this magic known as the Everoot when it’s discovered in a distant castle called Landmoor.

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Locations in Landmoor


Was built on the remains of an old Shae watchpost and is now a trading hub between Dos-Aralon and the sea-faring nations. It is separated from the rest of the kingdom by the Shadows Wood, the southern half of which has devolved into a stinking swamp. Yet in this swamp grows the mysterious Everoot which everyone thought was destroyed centuries before in a great environmental holocaust.

Character Archetypes

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These are the Shae traders who frequently deal with the humans across the river. They are the financiers of expeditions, shrewd negotiators, and the strength of the economy of Avisahn. One of the oldest and most prestigious families in their society is the House of Quickfellow.

Crimson Wolfsman

These are the protectors of the Shae homeland. Each is skilled in sword, archery, and hunting. They also possess magic so that when one of their brothers is killed, his Life magic is transferred to the rest. They usually hunt in packs of four, called a Quaere.

Kiran Thall

The infamous cavalry of the Bandit Rebellion. These raiders swoop down on unsuspecting villages and hamlets to rob and plunder them to support the cause of the Bandit Rebellion.


No one is more feared or distrusted than the Sleepwalkers. They have the ability to pass through stone walls and are equally deadly with blade or foot. Some say they employ the darkest magic. Their rites are secret.


These are the ones who make empires rise and fall. This ancient order has existed since the dawn of time. They never seek to sit on thrones, but still they control principalities, powers, and vast dominions. The Rules of Forbiddance are annoyances to them. Their rivals are the Mages of Safehome.

Magic & Lore

There are two forms of magic: Life magic and Earth magic. As with any magic, both can be harnessed in positive, legitimate ways, or forbidden ways. A Druid-priest, for example, can willingly offer up some of his own life magic to restore someone else to health. The act drains them. Others can steal the Life magic from a victim and increase their own lifespan by decades. Such a use would be Forbidden. Even the magic of the Earth can be drawn upon and used to create magical wonders. But if too much is withdrawn, the land begins to sicken and die.

There are some, like the Sorian, who harness magic into orbs of power called Firekin. But the greatest magic, it is said, comes from the Mages of Safehome who have created a magical artifact which can defeat any other magic. But at what cost to the user?

Cast of Charcters


The oldest son of the oldest trading family in Avisahn. Thealos wants nothing more than to leave the safety of the Shae kingdom and learn for himself about politics and peoples outside. But he cannot leave without first fulfilling a life debt to his religion, a duty which he does not want to perform.


Achrolese (Ack-roll-eez)

name of one of the Druid gods alive when the Shae first came to the world. Founder of the order.

Bandit Rebellion

The name of the rebellion of Stroth Ballinaire and his confederates against the King of Dos-Aralon.

Correl (core-ell)

the Silvan name for ‘father’.

Council Elder

Part of the Shae hierarchy. There are three in total, each one dedicated to one of the Shae deities.

Crimson Wolfsmen

The elite hunters of the Shae kingdom of Avisahn. Trained in tracking, combat, and war strategy. When one is killed, their life magic is absorbed by their fellow hunters, increasing their power and deadliness.

Deathbane (death-bain)

when Everoot is deprived of water, it quickly desiccates into a dust-like substance that is entirely toxic to any living thing.

Drugaen (droo-gay-un)

a race of mortals shrunken by the Sorian to perform hard labor in the under ground caverns of the mountains. They battled for their freedom and now form their own political entity. Those Drugaen who still hold allegiance to the Sorian are known as the Krag.

Druid priest

an order of healers who observe political neutrality. They utilize life magic and earth magic to heal and defend the land.

Dyanichet (dee-awn-ichet)

one of the principal Druids who specialized in healing magic.

Earth Magic

one of the forms of magic in the world which empowers non-sentient living things within nature. This magic can be tapped into by Druid priests and Warders to draw energy for certain purposes.

Everoot (ever-root)

thought to be the ultimate source of earth magic. A moss-like plant with small flowers that heals the land and any wound or disease. Must grow in climates with plenty of water, for if deprived, it will transform into Deathbane.

Firekin (fire-kin)

literally ‘the power of fire’ and represents the evil magic in the world. In the dawn of time, orbs were created and embued with this magic and used by the Sorian to influence the destinies of nations.

Forbidden Magic

according to the Shae, there are proper and improper uses of Life and Earth magic. Any use of magic against its ordained purpose is considered ‘Forbidden’. Those who practice such are exiled from Shae society.


a magic ritual where one is given a glimpse at the past, the present, or the future.

Gray Legion

a group of mercenaries and military advisors that involve themselves in the conflicts throughout the nations.

High Council

part of the Shae hierarchy. The advisors of the rulers of Avisahn.


a geographic region away from the coast that has a different culture, accent, and customs because it is more isolated from the sea-faring traders.

Keasorn (key-sorn)

the Shae deity of war

Kilshae (kill-shay)

someone who has been exiled from Shae society for breaking the Rules of Foriddance. They are ostracized by their fellows and can never be allowed back into society again. The sentence is irrevocable.

Kinshae (kin-shae)

a Shae who deliberately murders and plots to overthrow the Shae people.

Kiran Thall (keer-en thawl)

part of the Bandit Rebellion, a group of horsemen who steal and plunder to support their cause.

Krag Drugaen (crag)

part of the Drugaen Nation who are still loyal to their past Sorian overlords.

Life Magic

one of the forms of magic in the world which empowers all sentient living things. This magic can be tapped into by Druid priests and Warders to draw energy for certain purposes. There are many rules against its misuse.

Lor (lore)

a leader within the Crimson Wolfsmen ranks.

Mages of Safehome

a group of powerful sorcerers who inhabit the flying city of Safehome and occasionally involve themselves in the wars and contentions of the realms. Most of the Shae consider it a myth. The leaders know they are real but are unwilling to meet the stipulations the mages require to involve themselves.

Oath Magic

one of the forms of magic in the world that is harnessed through the swearing of oaths, which promises great power but only for the benefit of the greater good.

Otsquare (ott-square)

a Shae symbol; two offset squares creating an eight-pointed star. Considered a holy symbol by some.

Parath-Anatos (pair-ath-anna-toss)

the capital of the Druid order with jurisdiction over the entire world.


also known as a Shaefellow Pax, this is a negotiation intended to create peaceful resolutions to armed conflicts or trade wars. No treachery or deceit is permitted. If one does not honor the terms of the Pax, then no support will ever be given to that party for all time.

Purge Wars

a civil war that occurred in the past where the Kingdom of Aralon joined with the Shae kingdom of Avisahn to fight the sea raiders from the Shoreland. There is still bitterness between the powers because of the results of the cooperation.

Quaere (kwa-air-ay)

a squad of four Crimson Wolfsmen hunters.

Ravin-Dranath (ravin-dran-ith)

literally, ‘the terrible destruction’ a dark period in Shae history where the Shae fought a brutal civil war and nearly annihilated themselves. As a result of the terrible magic wielded, part of the world’s surface was literally broken up into giant chasms. The surviving Shae noble houses fled the ruins and founded new kingdoms.

Ravinir (ravin-ear)

literally, ‘to break is to be broken.’ Or order of warriors who study the Way of Ice and Shadows. They serve the Mages of Safehome and are the mortal enemies of the Sorian.

Ravinjon (ravin-john)

literally, ‘sons of destruction.’ This is an order given by the Shae leaders that require the complete devastation of their enemies with no quarter given. Men, women, and children are wiped out. It is a last resort after all attempts at negotiations fail.

Rules of Forbiddance

a complex series of laws and traditions in the Shae civilization regarding trade, interracial relations, the use of magic, and even the proper handling and care of fire.


a magical flying city ruled by the Mages who brought the Shae race to a world of humans in the act of destroying itself in civil war. They brought peace and laws to the lands.


a derogatory expression for thee Shae.


a race of beings from another world with natural affinity to magic. They have certain genetic traits (fair skin, light hair) as well as a much-slower metabolism making them age much slower than their human counterparts. Their eyes reflect light in the dark, like a feline’s.


term used for friends of the Shae (fellow is the Silvan word for ‘friend’).

Shenalle (shen-all)

the Shae deity of magic


a region populated by sea-faring sorts with a different culture and dialect.

Silvan Year

a chronological measurement of time. Because the Shae live longer than their human counterparts, they record history in 10 year increments.

Silverkin Crystal

an artifact of magic provided by the Mages of Safehome to protect the Shae from destruction caused by Deathbane. It has power over any evil magic but this power comes at a great cost to the wielder.


someone who has been trained in the arts of secrecy and stealth. They do not leave traces when they walk and it is rumored they can pass through solid walls or travel great distances in a short amount of time.

Sol don Orai (sole-don-ore-aye)

an ancient Empire that destroyed itself through the improper use of the Everoot. The Emperor was known to have created flying cities with the intent of challenging Safehome for supremacy.

Sorian (sore-iun)

a race of magical beings from the Dawn of Time. After they were taught the uses of Earth magic and Life magic, they unnaturally prolonged their own lives through the secret knowledge by stealing the lives from others. They are few in number and terrible in power and manipulate the destinies of nations. They are the hands controlling the puppet strings of government.

Sorrel (sore-ell)

the Silvan name for ‘mother’.

Sunedrion (soon-ee-driun)

part of the Shae hierarcy. The legislative body that creates and administers the laws of the kingdom in cooperation and sometimes competition with the ruling family.

Vannier (van-nyer)

the Shae deity of trade

Vocus (vo-kiss)

an enchantment done by a Sorian to its victim where it condenses their entire supply of Life magic into a short burst lasting weeks. They are incredibly powerful, fast, and nearly impossible to kill and the Sorian use them to hunt down and destroy their enemies.


a Shae devotee of Shenalle who has mastered the principles of Earth and Life magic and is authorized to use it to the benefit of the world.


a Shae fortress separate from the homeland that preserves the tradition and culture of the race.

Way of Ice and Shadows

a martial training from the ancient past that not only relies on quickness, fluidity, and speed but also hardness, focus, and crushing power. The art practiced by the Ravinir.


a magic of shared consciousness supplied by the Life magic of all departed beings. Accessible only through one who has sworn the oaths of the Oath Magic, enabling someone to tap into these memories and experiences and use them as their own.

Zerite (zear-eye-t)

part of the Druid priest order with a specialization in healing. Because of their self-discipline and clean living, they can summon great stores of strength and fortitude. They are sent by the Druid priest order to heal injuries caused by devastations of war or nature.