Worlds: Grave Kingdom

There is no past, no history. No explanation of where the massive palaces and quonsuuns were built or by whom. Or why ancient weapons carved from meiwood invoke not only powerful magic but also an ancient curse which summons the Killing Fog. The kingdoms are ruled by iron-willed masters. The wilderness ruled by the ruthless Qiangdao. Enter the world of the Grave Kingdom at your peril.

Locations in Grave Kingdom


A trading kingdom within the maze of rivers known as the inner passage, noted for its cooked scorpions, frog statuary, and the rare artifacts collected and preserved by its greedy ruler, King Budai. He’s always willing to pay for exceptionally rare artifacts and regularly hires bands of ensigns to hunt down lost treasures.

Character Archetypes

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Because of the dangerous marauding bands of Qiangdao, merchants and kings alike hire bands of armed warriors called ensigns. These are experts in martial arts and are trusted to protect and defend those who hire their services.


The kingdoms in the area all survive off of fish that can be found not only in the ocean but also in the inland rivers. Some of the best secrets are discovered by humble fishermen.


These warriors defend towns, cities, and kingdoms. They must be constantly on alert for danger and surprise attacks from enemies.


The various kingdoms are ruled by noble families who have won their right to dominion over centuries of war and conflict. They protect themselves in grand palaces with hundreds of servants. Some are pawns in the game of power. Others seek to overthrow their neighbors.


These are lawless bands which live in mountain caves and deep in forgotten forests. They rob and plunder the cities and kingdoms around them and battle each other for supremacy. They have no mercy, no compassion and will take what they can before escaping back into their dangerous lairs.

Magic & Lore

There is magic in the world of the Grave Kingdom, but it is cursed. No one knows or remembers how or why. But all the mystical artifacts have a common connection – they are made from the wood of the meiwood tree. Glyphs have been carved into them which imbue them with special powers. A cricket carved out of meiwood, for example, can give the holder the ability to jump great distances.

But when magic is invoked, there are terrible consequences. The stronger the magic, the more terrible the outcome. Magic summons the deadly killing fog. There is no cure for its deathly touch. In order to protect the innocent, these magical artifacts are collected and horded by powerful people to keep them out of the hands of commoners who may unwittingly bring calamities on themselves and those nearby.

What are these glyphs and what do they mean? The answers lay buried in the past.

Cast of Characters


The orphaned daughter of an Ensign family of good reputation. Her mother was a powerful warrior and she seeks to re-establish her grandfather’s past honor.   



a long-rumored skill of rendering killing/paralyzing blows by touch.


a band of trained warriors for hire.


The police force in Sajinau.


rosewood, a hardwood used for magic and construction. 

Namibu Desert—纳米比沙漠

a coastal desert far to the south.


Killer whale.


roving bandits. 


a thief, cat burglar, picklock; professional criminal.


a temple, fighting school.


the undead.