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What’s this picture? A Christmas wreath? Not exactly. It is the pub-day present I just got from 47North. A wreath made out of magnolia leaves in honor of The Forsaken Throne coming out. It’s like they actually read my books or something!

Happy NaNoWriMo to all of you this month! My good friend (and fellow Deep Magic board member) Brendon Taylor invited me to his writer’s group this last weekend and it was a lot of fun talking about the craft and meeting with authors in the Pocatello area. Had a great time, plus Brendon made home-made cinnamon rolls. He’s an awesome cook.

Ready for some news?

First, you may soon be suffering with Kingfountain withdrawls. It’s a serious problem. To help remedy it, there is another Kingfountain book coming in January, probably my last. It’s called The Poisoner’s Enemy and it is another prequel. This one tells the origin story of Ankarette Tryneowy. Seriously, you’re going to love it. It ties in some people you know, some you’ve only heard about it, and the villain…ooh, sooo good! This book comes out in January and is available now to pre-order.

I am also excited to announce something in time for your holiday shopping. I’ve been working with Dabel Brother’s publishing since this summer to bring you the Muirwood adult coloring book. I’ve been working with their artists to create this and simply love the work they’ve done. It is now officially open to pre-order and the coloring books will ship in early December so you can get them for family and friends. I can’t wait to get them for my kids as well.

Still not done with the good news though! 47North is also having a sale of the kindle version of the Kingfountain series (books 1-5) in the US, UK, and Australia until the end of November. It’s a great chance to pick up the whole series or tell a friend about it. Find it here.

I also learned today that all the stories in the Kindle Worlds program are now going to be part of Kindle Unlimited. So with a Kindle Unlimited account (if you already have one), you can read them for free. Did you know that it’s legal to write fanfiction based on my Muirwood world? And publish it? And get paid for it? I think it is great and I hope with this development, more writers will take advantage of this program and create stories set in this world. Here are some stories that already exist:

I told you there was a lot of good news. Stay tuned for more when I announce my new series coming in mid-2018!

I can’t thank all of you enough for the support you’ve given me. There are plenty more worlds coming your way. I love writing stories. Hope you continue to enjoy them!



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  • Bob Canning says:

    Gotta love all the imagination of Jeff Wheeler worlds. Keep the stories coming. My kids love to listen to them as audio books when they go to bed each night, although sometimes its counterproductive and keeps them awake to see what is next.

  • Dan Hilton says:

    I can’t get enough of Jeff Wheeler writing. It’s going to be a great 2018 if we’re getting new stories. I’m letting all my friends know about the sale.

  • Madeleine Myers says:

    Has anyone else listened to the song “Run to You” by Pentatonic and think it’s evocative of the settings in both Muirwood and Kingfountain?
    I’m sure many other interpretations are likely, but it could be the theme song! Jeff Wheeler, I’ve been reading fantasies for decades, and you are the best. I have The Forsaken Throne now, trying not to read too fast.

  • Becky Bakley says:

    I am so happy that I found you via Amazon Prime’s newsletter. I love your three series leading up to the Kingfountain Series. Anxiously waiting til January as your audio books have consumed my days since 14 September. And I look forward to your new series in mid-2018.

  • Madeleine Myers says:

    So. When will we find out what that key on Sonia’s girdle is all about?

    • Jessie says:

      Isn’t this explored at the end of the whispers of mirrowen trilogy? I feel like the wayfarer had keys that allowed travel between worlds. Might be getting that wrong since I’ve read a ton of books since this one.

  • Madeleine Myers says:

    Oops. Sinia not Sonia.ss

  • Sairyn Raine says:

    I may be the only one, but everytime I hear Perfect by Ed Sheeran, I think of the relationship between Trynne and Fallon. Oh how I wish a short story would come out with how their relationship grows.

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