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I am about 200 pages into SCOURGE right now and things are heating to a boil. I wish I had more time to write, but at least I have been able to keep pace with a chapter a week. Lately I have been mulling the technological transformation that is currently shaking up the publishing industry. We have the Apple iPad launch, Kindle, and Hewlett Packard coming out with a new tablet. There are those who like to read their books on a comfy couch copy in hand, those who like to read from a computer screen, and some (like myself) who listen to books from Librivox or the library during my commute to Folsom every day (grabbing Peter and the Starchasers this weekend!). There are companies springing up to help bring words to life in different formats. Companies like CreateSpace which sends me at least an e-mail a week trying to get me to publish with them. Or Offers to design, edit, and print a book on demand.

There was an article recently about how the advances in technology make it easier to do motion picture special effects at home. These are then made into Youtube clips that rival most of the sci-fi movies from 20-30 years ago:

Over the next few years, there will be a variety of ways to get books and enjoy them. What I wish technology could invent was a faster way to download a story from my head.

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