Tunnels under Glastonbury

I’ve completed 14 chapters from Wretched so far, and I’ve enjoyed where it has taken me so far. In many ways, the characters are starting to write themselves and their voices are getting louder and more demanding. I’m constantly amazed at how much Google has helped during this process. As I was finishing the last chapter, I was working on a spacing issue. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve modeled the setting of Muirwood after Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England. I’ve found dozens of photos of the grounds and the structures on-line. I would love to visit there in person someday. The next part of the story revolves around the Pilgrim Inn in Glastonbury. It was a real medieval inn during at the time, and I wanted to get a sense of how far it was from the abbey itself. As I was Googling for information, I came across an obscure website that started talking about tunnels leading from the abbey itself to that specific inn. Just reading a few paragraphs about it began to open up new horizons for how Lia was going to get where she needs to go.

December is my editing month, so I’ll be going back over all the chapters again for continuity and flow and see what other ideas spring up. Then in January, I’ll start on the next batch of chapters.

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