Travel, work, and Elfstones

It has been a busy month working on Prop 8, visiting HP’s site at Boise (which was fun because I got to see family as well as Jeremy and Brendon). My daughter’s cast comes off tomorrow. It was the kind of cast you aren’t supposed to walk on, but this week, she’s been hobbling like a peg-legged pirate. You can tell she feels better and that her leg has healed. Tomorrow! Finally!

Had two rejections from agents this week, both who were contacted months ago. It’s amazine how long the back-log is for some of them. For my flight to Idaho, I grabbed Elfstones of Shannara off the bookshelf and have been enjoying it yet again. I’ve read it many times and I still enjoy it as much as I did as a junior high kid all those years ago. There is something magical about that story that just pulls me in. Mr Brooks – it’s a classic!

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