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There has been a great response to the Muirwood trilogy so far. I enjoy hearing from readers, so please do let me know what you think of it. My wife finished it and I have a few edits to make based on her feedback, but we’re substantially done. I have been asked when I will publish it, and the answer to that questions depends a little on the economy and Intel’s stock price. If both start to recover, I have plans to begin publishing through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. Now that I am finished with the principal writing of Muirwood, it is time to start a new writing project.

Of all the story ideas jumbling through my head, I am planning to capture the story of Kenatos next. It is a very traditional high fantasy story, of the Shannara style. It is a story developed nearly 10 years ago (June 2001 to be exact) with my very good friends Jeremy, Brendon, Rochelle, and even my wife, Gina. I think this will be a one-book story, but the book will probably be very long, like 700-800 pages to squeeze it all in. I am outlining the plot right now, developing the different characters, races, and magic system to be used in the world. Here is a snippet about the setting:

It is a world that experienced a terrible recurring plague, a Bubonic epidemic that happens every generation. The dark creatures of the world are starting to outnumber the civilized races. Because of the epidemic proportion of the plagues, the civilized races have banded together to preserve the knowledge of society. They established Kenatos because it was the most defensible city-fortress in the land, an island in the midst of a great lake. The lake boundaries kept it from being a trading hub or otherwise major traffic flow. When the plague starts up again, they shut down all traffic in and out of the island and don’t let anyone leave until the plague has ridden it’s course – which can often last for 20 years or more. Within the sanctuary of Kenatos, there is an Alchemist who may have discovered the origins of the plague and a possible way to stop it forever. But will the rulers of Kenatos, who base their power on fear of the plague, want this knowledge preserved?

That is the general idea, anyway. And for those who care, it it pronounced “keen-a-toes”. I will be working on outlining, character development, and so forth for a while before delving into the first chapters. Meanwhile, there is still cover art for Muirwood to think about.

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