The waiting continues

It’s been nearly two months since I first heard from the agent and not a word. It’s funny how the mind works during such a lull in communication. Did the manuscript get lost by the post office? Is it sitting on his desk beneath a huge stack of other similar packages, waiting for its turn to be opened. Will I get a letter back asking for more? Or a call on my cell phone that he loved it? Should I send more queries out to other agents or just keep waiting? So many questions, all circling around again and again. But then I sit back, take a deep breath. I know he must be very busy. That he will get to mine in its turn. Keep other avenues open, but be patient.

I was going through the hard-drive this week and stumbled across a query letter I wrote seven years ago. As I read it, I could see that I knew nothing about the industry or how to engage it. I learned a lot through publishing Deep Magic. I imagine that someday I’ll be looking back at this blog posting and will chuckle, knowing what I know then.

Until then…patience…patience…patience…

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