The Scourging Begins

During the holidays in December, I was able to start on the third installment of the Muirwood series. I have completed the first 80 pages so far and hope to finish the project by September 2010. There are a lot of words to write between here and there, but I am excited about finishing this trilogy and especially for the feedback coming in on the series. There is an Army dentist in Iraq reading it right now (yes, he’s my brother-in-law) as well a group of moms with little kids in Caldwell, Idaho. There is also a 12 year-old daughter who steals her mom’s copy when she’s not looking. It is definitely motivating me to keep writing and enjoy the process. Wish I could write as fast as people like Chelsea can read. But that’s impossible.

Being an amateur Photoshop-ist myself, I have been brainstorming some ideas for covers for the series. These are just ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I would love it if anyone else has thoughts for scenes or cover ideas for the series. Just for fun. The first block hais more of an “outdoors” feel, and the second I’m calling “reflections”. No people on the covers in these versions, but it’s a start. Any/all ideas or suggestions welcome.

covers copy

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