The George & Pilgrim

Another four chapters are done and the pacing is going well. One of my favorite things to write are the little chapter interludes that come from the point of view of Cuthbert Renowden of Billerbeck Abbey. I use him as a device to explain more about the culture, the magic of the Medium, and the setting. He has his own voice and mannerisms and he’s quite fun to write.

In these last chapters, the reader gets to visit two places that are new: the inside of Muirwood Abbey and the Pilgrim Inn. I would really like to visit Somerset someday and see the area of Glastonbury myself. There are so many pictures on the Internet that help add color and depth. Street maps, region topographies, and plenty of images from vacationers and others who have been there. I’m including a few here. The first is an image of the abbey and Mary’s Chapel (which appears in the book). The other is of the George & Pilgrim (called only The Pilgrim during the Middle Ages). These structures have been around for centuries.


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  • Jenna says:

    A trip to visit the abbey seemes like it would be an awsome flashback into the past as well as into the book. I want to go too.

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