Tales from Kingfountain, Muirwood, and Beyond

The very first short story I published for Deep Magic was in the June 2002 issue. Because that issue also included an excerpt from my fantasy novel LANDMOOR, I decided to publish the short story under the pen-name JT Slane. That story “Wizard Auditions” is now almost 20 years old and was unavailable until…now.

Today is Pub Day for my short story and novella collection, Tales from Kingfountain, Muirwood, and Beyond: The Worlds of Jeff Wheeler. These 13 stories are now available in this collection in print and e-book format and also on Audible, with the inestimable Kate Rudd narrating them with little snippets (from yours truly) explaining at the end of each story the context of when I wrote it. I’m grateful to have partnered with Podium Audio on this project – they were amazing to work with. I especially love how we agreed on the cover art, which is the original artwork that Eamon O’Donoghue did for Wretched of Muirwood but wasn’t accepted by my publisher. I still think it’s awesome.

In this collection you’ll find a treasure trove of stories from worlds you know and love to new worlds you’ve never explored. And some of them, you get to explore on a spaceship. Or a Tesla launched into space.

I hope you enjoy the series! I’m especially thrilled that the collection includes my published work, The Wishing Lantern.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work doing edits on the new Dawning of Muirwood series. Book one comes out May 1, 2022. I also am working on a new book deal with 47North which I’m super excited to share with you at a future date. I’m so grateful that my publisher encourages and pushes me to take risks and step outside my comfort zone. It’s my goal to give you my best work, every time. And I can only do that if I keep challenging myself.

In January, you’ll get to read the final chapter of Ransom’s story in Fate’s Ransom. Thanks for being patient. It’ll be worth it!

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  • Maria says:

    great post!

  • Frankie R Mefford says:

    I have over 30 of your books and have re-read several series, but I still find it hard to determine the actual timeline of the rulers and characters. A genealogical chart of the kings for reference would really help. Perhaps you already have an event or ruler chart, or can tell me where to get one??

  • Mae says:

    Hello I didn’t know where to send this! Probably don’t publish your email cuz you might get a million and who has time to read massive amounts of email or messages?! Lol I hoped at least here it might get to you though. I just discovered your writing couple days and I have not been able to put the books down! I’m on the 2nd of the king’s Ransom and you’re probably already aware of this but on page 79 of the Kindle edition of Warriors Ransom you have an editing error? Or a writing error? At the bottom of Claire’s note on page 79 it says —Claire de Murrow, Queen in Her Own Right (from forsaken Legault) but she still in the queen’s tower. I figured it’s probably an editing error and honestly I read a lot a fantasy books and I just didn’t want your wonderful writing to be marred by errors in editing if I’m wrong oops LOL

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