Special announcement: Muirwood is part of Kindle Worlds

I’ve been keeping this a secret for almost a year. That’s especially difficult when I’m so excited about it. Before I left my day-job, I was approached by the folks running Kindle Worlds with the idea of opening up the world of Muirwood for others to write in. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that it is not only possible but happening.

What does this mean?

A new Kindle Worlds has just opened up and there are already stories you can buy set in the world of Lia, Sowe, Pasqua, and Colvin. Friends and family have asked me if I was reluctant to let other people “play in my sandbox”. I’ve been reading the stories that were written in time for the launch and I’ve been thrilled to find other authors genuinely trying to capture the magic of the Medium and the “feel” of the world.

Here are the first (of hopefully many) new stories:


Where to purchase them? Click here

As I’ve been reading these new stories, I’ve been delighted at how faithful to the original trilogy the authors have tried to be. I’ve spent hours getting sucked into these stories and, quite frankly, geeking out at them.  This is just the beginning.

If you are a writer, or aspiring to be one, and would like to learn more about writing in the world of Muirwood, please see the Kindle Worlds page dedicated to Muirwood: https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/world/Muirwood

I’ll be talking about this more in detail, but wanted to get the word out on launch day! I hope that you will enjoy these new stories as much as I have.

So – what do you think about this? Leave a comment and let me know!

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