Sept 11th

Today is the anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks. My wife and I talked this morning about how much was different now than then. Six years ago, I took a commuter train from Livermore to the Bay Area. I didn’t have a cell phone, only a pager, and my wife sent me text messages about the attacks as the news happened. I remember sitting on the train, shocked, wondering what world I was going to arrive to when I reached the Bay Area. It felt like someone had turned a page and a new chapter began, very different. Back then, we only had one child, a 2 year-old who noticed all the beautiful flags hanging everywhere. She’s eight now and has three other siblings. She can’t remember a pre-9/11 world at all. It was before Deep Magic was even born – back when Brendon, Jeremy, and I were brainstorming the possibility of publishing an on-line e-zine. So much has changed over the past six years. But I don’t think a year will go by that I don’t remember that shaky feeling on the train, reading text messages that were almost incomprehensible to me.

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