Over the last month I have been reading the entire trilogy and finished Scourge on Wednesday night. I made some final edits and have now posted it to the website here:


I have had some great feedback so far (thank you Emily, Mel, Jenna, and Rachelle) and would like to hear what others think on the conclusion to the series. Some writers think of their books as tiny little babies which they then throw to the wolves and risk getting torn apart. I’m not that kind of writer. It’s more like a volleyball which gets bumped and passed from one person to another. I enjoy watching the reactions unfold as it bounces out there in the world.

Been reading Kristin Cashore’s Graceling lately. In a fantasy setting, it’s kind of a reverse of Twilight (no vampires thankfully). The boy can read her mind and the girl can beat him up.  Fascinating world.