Predicting the Future

While doing final line-edits for THE FORSAKEN THRONE, I discovered that I’d mis-attributed a quote to Abraham Lincoln in my author’s note. The quote is “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” and it was actually said by a guy working for Xerox Parc, the team that invented the modern computer user interface.

Well, authors predict the future by creating it. What you are anxiously eager to read (THE SILENT SHIELD) was finished months ago. So what does Jeff have cooking in his imagination? It’s about time I told you.

First, while I was in Mexico last month, an opportunity came knocking on the door to create an adult coloring book. I didn’t even know grown-ups like doing coloring books at all, so this was a new market. So I’ve begun partnering with the Dabel Brothers on this project and we plan to do a coloring book for the Legends of Muirwood series first. I’ll post more about this as it progresses, but I’m excited to work on this with them. And I’m also excited for younger kids to engage with my stories too, even if they aren’t old enough to read the books.

Secondly, I’ve completed writing another stand-alone Kingfountain novel. After finishing Book 6, I still wasn’t done with the world and wasn’t ready to let go. Before I even wrote The Queen’s Poisoner, I had conjured up the character of Ankarette. It was fun using her in The Maid’s War, but I felt she needed her own story, a story that tells her origin and how she came to become the person Owen met in Liona’s kitchen. I’ve also partnered with Podium to produce the audiobook of this new work, which will also be in Kindle and print formats. It’s called The Poisoner’s Enemy and it was so-much-fun to write. There are characters you’ve already met and some you never knew about that have played a role behind the scenes. It’s full of twists and turns as we watch Ankarette maneuver the politics of her day. I don’t have a publishing date for this yet, but it should be in early 2018. Stay tuned for more news and a link to pre-order it.

And lastly, I’ve signed a five-book deal with 47North for my newest project. I normally dream up stories in 3-book arcs, so this is different for me (and for my publisher). There will be two protagonists instead of one. I’ve cooked up something new and different and interesting. The scope and scale of this series will be pretty epic. For now, it’s tentatively titled The Harbinger Series.  It’s an old-fashioned word that denotes someone warning of something to come. A prediction of the future, perhaps?

I’ll talk more about it later. You’ve been warned.

Hope you enjoy book 5 of Kingfountain soon!

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  • Robin Baker says:

    Can I have a list of your books? You’ve written so many I’ve lost track. I’m looking forward to reading your adventures

    • Dave T says:

      Click on the “Books” link at the top-left of the website. You can sort Jeff’s books in the order they were published, or in the order Jeff recommends they be read (which is a totally cool thing for an author to do!).

  • Kathleen says:

    Keep up the great work

  • Bahira Malak says:

    I’m sooo excited about your new series! I’ve been a fan of yours for ages! It all started when I first read the Queen’s Poisoner – I love medieval history, and your books turned out to be the type I was dreaming of. Jeff Wheeler, I think you are an amazing author – your stories are so unique!

  • Nell says:

    My daughter and I have already cast the movies for the Kingfountain series! We had so much fun batting around the cast of characters, and sincerely hope someone in the industry will see the merit of making your works into epic movies! To us, you’re right up there with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien!

  • Tyler says:

    Love your books so much! they really turned me on to epic fantasy genre. King fountain is my favorite series of all your books and out of any other books ive read. Im so glad to hear you wrote another story in the series. Im not ready to let king fountain go either! Im gonna listen to the audio book of all the king fountain books to get ready for the silent shield. i have already read them all the way through , so this will be my first experience with audio books. Great books. please keep writing!

  • Erika Ward says:

    Just finished Book 5, The Silent Shield, which I thought was the last book until I was nearing the end and realized all the unfinished storylines. Whew! I’m so glad it’s not the end yet! I started listening to the audiobook yesterday morning and pretty much did nothing else until I finished today. Hahaha. So great! Kate Rudd does such a wonderful narrating job.

    But aaaah! How will I possibly be able to wait for The Forsaken Throne?!? When is the planned release?

    It’s hard to enjoy other books that are only entertaining after reading books like yours that are full of so much meaning. I’d love to hear suggestions of other authors that you admire to give me something else to read while I’m waiting for your next release.

    Keep up the great work! I can’t get enough of your wonderful books. Thank you.

  • The Duchess says:

    All I can say is OMG!!! The epilogue has me doing research. I wish there was a wiki to do background research haha. I look forward to reading the final book. I finished this in less than a week and I got it the day it was released. I re-read the first four books just to refresh my memory before I jumped into this one. Kingfountain is probably my most favorite series of yours.

  • Linda says:

    Thank you so much! I love your Kingfountain series. I am reading The Silent Shield and waiting patiently for the final book. I was sadden to hear this is the final book, but upon reading your blog, I’m looking forward to your new adventures.

  • Maree says:

    I want to echo others who have asked for a follow up to Silverkin. I have read nearly all your books and have preordered the next Kingsfountain story. I read Landmoor and Silverkin after the others. I liked them just as much and I think they would make great movies particularly given the current Hollywood liking for fantasy.
    I’m looking forward to you December release but would love to finish Theolos’s story.

  • Liko says:

    I’ve just discovered your Kingfountain series which some markets still advertise as a three-book series. Thank you for continuing the series. I’ve powered through the first two in a few days and just started The King’s Traitor. I’m so happy to find something great to read. You have an awesome website, visually appealing and intuitive with great information about you, your vision, and the worlds you create. I particularly appreciate the Values page. Thank you for sharing the fruits of your talent with us. Best to you and yours. Aloha, Liko Puha

  • Madeleine Myers says:

    I wondered how in the world I could wait until November to see how Trynne’s story plays out, what becomes of her and Gahalatine, Fallon and Morwenna, and how the hints from Muirwood develop. I’ve read every Kingfountain book twice now, and I almost never reread a book since I retired from teaching literature! For me character development always makes or breaks a work of fiction for me, and you, Mr. Wheeler, have done a masterful job of making readers care about the people in your worlds. So I am getting my Jeff Wheeler fix by going back to Muirwood and will venture a guess or two at the connections from your hints: leerings, Dieyre, Dahomey….trying not to obsess….

  • Jessie says:

    I’ve read all of your books and then re-read them again. I love love love them! I would just love to see these as a movie. And even moreso, I want to be in it!

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