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A year ago, I posted a blog right before the re-launch of the Muirwood Trilogy under the banner of 47North. This was a few weeks before the launch of FIREBLOOD and the launch of the Whispers from Mirrowen trilogy. From my perspective back then, I had no idea what the coming weeks and months would bring. What a tremendous year it has been and I’m so grateful to have met a ton of new readers and seen proof that clean fiction sells.

I received two surprise packages from my publisher this week. The first came on Monday with a  congratulatory note on WRETCHED hitting another major milestone and they gave me a box of book covers mounted on cards that can be used to write thank you notes or send to people. I wasn’t expecting anything, so it came as a delight.

The second surprise package came Tuesday night when a box arrived full of author copies of DRYAD-BORN. It was such a special experience opening the box and pulling out the first copy of a brand new novel and flipping the pages in my hand. It was a total coincidence that earlier that day, I had asked the publicity guy for 47North if I could give away advanced copies to a handful of early readers. I posted a note to my “street team” on Facebook and the copies were snatched up really fast. I had no ideas I was going to get mine that same day. I had to walk a copy over to a neighbor and friend across the street and drop off a few copies around town this week. It’s great having a new book out and I’m so excited to hear what you think about the sequel and the revelations. I’m hard at work trying to finish the final book of the trilogy, POISONWELL.



Hopefully you’ve already pre-ordered your copy! Just to remind you though, if you buy the print version of any of my 47North titles through Amazon, it qualifies you for the Kindle Matchbook deal where you get the Kindle version for $0.99. And when you buy the Kindle version, you can get the Audible audiobook version for $1.99. It’s such a great deal – all three versions for less than the full price of the paperback.


Over the last twelve months, I have learned so much about the publishing world. I’ve met many authors (we hang out together on private Facebook boards), I’ve received so many “likes”, tweets, e-mails, and kind words from so many of you. I’ve even run into one of you at Little Caesars picking up pizza for my kids.

As I close my first blog posting of 2014, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, my awesome readers. I’ve got many more stories left to tell. Thank you for reading my books. Thanks for telling your friends about my books. Thanks for the e-mails and all the words of encouragement. In a few months, I will be done with the last book of this series and will talk to 47North about what I’d like to write next.

Stay tuned and get ready for February 4th, launch day! If you haven’t signed up for my e-mail list yet, please feel free to. You can from the main page of my website here or through my author Facebook page.

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  • Kris Claire says:

    I had no idea when I first mentioned Muirwood in a blog post (Running For Beginners – Remember?) of the timing in your writing career. I just new I lo(oooo)ved the world you’d created and had to share.

    It’s an honor and a huge blessing to be able to see first hand where this path is taking you and to know you.

    THANK YOU for investing in people. Not only do you entertain, you also inspire. What a gift to the world.

    Congratulations, Jeff!

  • Kris Claire says:

    PS – Will you sign my copy? 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    Started reading today and loved the opening chapters of Dryad Born. Now I just need to convince the kids to go to bed early so I can have some quiet time to read tonight! If I’m looking groggy tomorrow when you see me it will be because I have a book hangover!

  • Dianne Gaynor says:

    I hope 2014 is an even better year for you… looking forward to the Feb release:-)

  • Robert S. says:


    I am one of those readers who joined your adventure a year ago, when this interesting book appeared on my kindle. Having lived most of the past 20yrs in other countries, it was, I think, only natural that I gravitate to digital means for both storing and transporting my books, as I’ve accumulated thousands. I wanted to thank you for choosing to offer your novels this way…otherwise, it is likely that I would never have found the door to Muirwood Abbey, and the many enjoyable (as well as those less so!) people who live there. I’m a great fan of the world you’ve brought to life in the pages of your novels. Thank you for acquainting us all with Lia’s world and I look forward to visiting again, in your sequel to “Fireblood.” Best wishes!

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