Last night, my wife stayed up very late (for her) because she couldn’t put something down. What was it you may ask? Her Kindle. What was on her kindle? A secret copy of what I’m working on right now.

I’m ready to let you all in on the secret , and that secret is what I’ve been working on since I finished Ransom’s story. You didn’t think I’d taken a break, did you? No! For you, I’ve been hard at work.

I’m so pleased to announce my next series, The Dawning of Muirwood trilogy, coming in 2022. As the title implies, this is the story of the founding of Muirwood abbey, its first Aldermaston, and of course, some wretcheds who will come to live there who I think you’re going to fall for. This series begins generations before Lia, Sowe, and Pasqua. There will be familiar elements, to be sure, relating to the magic of the Medium, Leerings, etc, but the politics back then were different and you’ll be joining the world just as things are about to change forever.

There were several ideas churning in my mind about what to write next, including a follow-on series to The Grave Kingdom, another adventure set in the Harbinger era, but it was this series based in the world of Muirwood that I was the most excited to write about. The spark of the story started at a Piano Guys concert actually, with an image of a lonely castle in a vast lake.  This was before Covid turned all our lives crazy. That idea germinated, blossomed, and when I realized that it could have happened in Muirwood, I was so pumped to start writing it.

The first book will be coming next year, a few months after Fate’s Ransom. It also happens to be the 10-year anniversary of the publication of the original Legends of Muirwood trilogy. So in discussing this fact with my editor, we’ve got some neat surprises coming that should be interesting. And don’t worry, I’ve asked that Kate Rudd narrate this new story.

When the cover art is available and the pre-order page is up and ready, I’ll be sure to post an announcement about both, hopefully soon, which will give you some teasers about the plot. Read these at your own risk. Until then, keep enjoying Ransom’s story. Book 3 comes out in September!


P.S. There will be another announcement soon of something special coming before the end of the year. Stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “My new series – what’s next?

  1. I fell in love with your books after reading the Banished of Muirwood. I promptly read everything you had published at that time and always anxiously await (like put notifications on my calendar) when a new book is released. I’m excited to return to Muirwood.

  2. I love all of your series, but I love the two Muirwood series the most. I can hardly wait for the new books to come out. If your wife isn’t sufficient, I volunteer as beta reader! I bet I would be able to give really fast feedback, also. In the meantime, I am so excited!

  3. Mark Labanowski says:

    The first book of yours I read was Landmoor. This was the first fantasy book I read since reading the first 3 Shannara series many years before. After years of crosswords, sudoku’s etc, decided to get a kindle and go back to reading. As an admirer of fantasy novels, after reading Tolkein & Terry Brooks previously, Landmoor was the first fantasy book I bought on kindle. Absolutely loved the book, and I’ve got and read every book of yours since. There are not many writers you automatically buy the next book or instalment, but Jeff is one of them I do, so please just keep on writing

  4. Robin Hewes says:

    I’ve read all your books and love that you don’t make us wait long for the next book. I also have bought all the audibles and listened to them and enjoy as much as the books. The audible give me a different experience than reading. I love all your characters and love your writing as it brings life to your stories. I am 82 and hate to think of leaving this world and missing any of your books. Keep up you God given talent for the world to enjoy.

  5. Bob Anderson says:

    Can’t wait for your next books and series. I’ve read all your books so far. I’ll be 81 in September so I hope you get your next books out sooner rather than later.

  6. I am hoping you do more on The Grave Kingdom. It was the first of your works that I read and I absolutely loved it- I couldn’t put my Kindle down last summer. I just got the first of the Muirwood books and am looking forward to more great adventure this summer.

  7. This announcement is so exciting to me. I read the Muirwood Series first. I was hooked on the author right away and subsequently have read all the he has published. I immediately pre-order anything he writes as soon as it becomes available. I look forward to more and more and more….Please keep giving more!!!

  8. The fact that you’re returning to the muirwood world for another story is awesome! Some of my favorite books of yours were from the muirwood trilogies and the harbinger series. Absolutely hyped for this

  9. So exciting! Muirwood is hands-down my favorite of your worlds. I love the religious influences and the stories flow together so well, even separated by so many generations. I am waiting with breath that is bated!

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