“Mulling” the changes in the publishing industry

I saw this article on the internet showing how the e-book industry, led by self-published authors like myself, have really begun to shift the sands of the traditional bestseller lists. When I look at the monthly sales of e-books, it makes my jaw drop. Some of the names I have heard about (like fellow fantasy author Michael Sullivan and the uber-famous Amanda Hocking).

What the internet is doing is creating links between readers who can share their love of books with friends and total strangers. Blog sites have become the connection that helps books go viral and passing on the books that work from those that don’t.

So, in the spirit of this, I have to say that I am really enjoying Brandon Mull’s latest – Beyonders#1 “A World Without Heroes”. His Fablehaven series is one of my all-time favorites because he can pull off not only character-driven stories but plot-driven ones too. He knows how to describe things in the darkness that make your skin start to shudder in just the right way. And his sense of humor is awesome. There is great suspense and great characters in his worlds. Hence the title of my blog this week “Mulling…” (pun intended).

Whatever it is you are enjoying reading or have enjoyed reading recently, shout it out in your blog, your Facebook page, or text to a friend. Happy 11/11/11 everyone!


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