Well, I’ve officially joined the Twitterverse! (thanks to @Karenof4) My twitter account is @muirwoodwheeler. I’ll be using the hashtag #muirwoodtrilogy for my tweets, so follow along and we’ll see what happens. Recently I learned that the band SHeDAISY were fans of Muirwood and even posted a blog inspired by the books.

I’m still blown away by all the nice book reviews and e-mails from fans. I have seen Muirwood mentioned by a college student from Singapore studying in Korea. I’ve been e-mailed by fans all over the country and the world. I can’t say how much it means to me.

Last but not least – the Muirwood Trilogy is back on the iBookstore for you iPad-lovers (right now). It will only be there for the rest of April. Nook as well any day now (I’ll tweet when I find it there). In May, I will probably go back to the exclusive distribution through Kindle, so get it while you can. The Kindle Direct Program is worth it! It’s a blessing to indy writers like myself. Over 80,000 copies of my books have been distributed since January. It’s still the Top Rated (#1) children’s science fiction and fantasy book on Amazon (here)

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