Muirwood Trilogy is on Amazon!

I’m so excited that everything worked out. The books look amazing and it is great being able to hold them in your hands instead of reading it on a laptop screen. I love the covers and the interior layout design – they did a great job over at CreateSpace. The books are available only through Amazon right now. I would have used more distribution channels, but it would have meant marking up the cover price a ton, and I didn’t want to do that.

Links to the books are here:




There will be Kindle versions for the books (soon) and I’m working to get it on the iPad bookstore as well (fingers crossed). I do not plan on doing much marketing, if any, so please pass this news along to anyone who might enjoy a new YA fantasy series without having to wait for all the books to be finished.

As an aside: it was cute to hear my daughter yesterday. She saw a copy of Wretched in the classroom next door and learned that one of her friends was reading it. Pretty cool!

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  • Marny says:

    The books look great! Had you considered using Lightning Source instead of CreateSpace? You can set your discount as low as 20% and still get into the Ingram database, so bookstores and online retailers can order your books without having to give up 55% or 60% or marking up the price unreasonably. (CreateSpace uses LSI for it’s expanded distribution option, so you might as well go straight to the source.) LSI is just a printer, so it doesn’t do any design, you have to have your own ISBNs, and there is a set-up fee, but the per book printing costs are slightly less than CS.

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