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I’m pleased to announce that the Muirwood trilogy is coming to the iPad bookstore as well as the major e-book reader formats. The first book, Wretched of Muirwood, is on the iPad bookstore right now and the others will follow within the week. I have Wretched on my iPod touch right now. After a little searching, I discovered that there are aggregator websites that do e-book conversions to the different formats and then feed the different stores (like iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, etc) – it’s called Smashwords. After putting the all my books through Smashwords, they have already started selling multiple copies each. Pretty cool!

Here is my Smashwords website:

Here is my Amazon website:

Since the books were published, I have been getting some great reader feedback. Here are some snippets from my favorites so far. I was also very excited to learn that Foreward Reviews has reviewed Wretched of Muirwood and gave it 5 out of 5 stars with a very positive feedback. Once it is posted to their website sometime this week, I will add the link.

These are my favorite reader responses from the last few weeks:

“The thing that I loved about the books was the fact that the magic flowed so naturally through the book and didn’t seem too impossible. Books where magic is too far out and impossible are usually light reads and can’t be taken seriously. This story was so real it was like a great recipe for a good story with a dash of magic to add that special zing to it. I loved these books and they are definitely on My List. “

“I picked up “The Wretched of Muirwood” and haven’t been able to put it down since! I finished it today and was blown away by the amazing story and inspiring messages. The characters had such wonderful transformations and the symbolism was especially spectacular! Thanks for the great read!!”

“”HOLY COW! I opened your novel “The wretched of Muirwood” yesterday afternoon and read non stop through midnight.  CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic story and inspirational work. Your story is compelling and exciting without gratuitous violence or sexuality.  Well done!”

“I have done nothing this past 48 hours but devour the Muirwood Trilogy. I can’t seem to get Lia out of my head! I found myself in the produce section of the grocery store yesterday wondering which apple most resembles a Muirwood apple”

(Answer to the last question = Fuji apples.)

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