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I started the Muirwood trilogy over 4 years ago. Some wanted to read a physical copy of the books, instead of being tethered to a computer screen or flipping a stack of printer paper. Books are books, after all, and not everyone has a Kindle or iPad yet. I would like to announce that copies of Muirwood (the entire trilogy) will be available through Amazon and through just about about any bookstore to order next year – likely January.

The interior design is happening right now. The covers are being developed also. I will be using the Muirwood Facebook page to let readers provide feedback on the designs (which covers they like best) and will announce it there when the trilogy is available. Those who did read it by PC or iPad and offered feedback, I plan on sending you a free copy of the trilogy to say thanks!

To join the Muirwood Facebook page, go here:

This is not a major publishing contract. I have no illusions about this being a NY Times bestseller. I just want my books to be available to readers in whatever form factor they want, including audiobook if I can find a good voice reader to narrate it. Using Amazon’s service was the best deal I’ve seen. Stay tuned for more!

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