More announcements! (Write On and Jet City Comics)

I loved New York Comic Con! What a great experience is was being back on the East Coast and visiting fans and friends during that trip. I enjoyed, taking lots of pictures, and even meeting some of you there. Great times!

There are two things I want to announce today.

First is Write On by Kindle ( Years ago when I was in college and taking creative writing courses, I joined the Online Writers Workshop in order to have my stories critiqued by fellow writers. What I didn’t like about the experience is it was mostly writers critiquing other writers. Amazon’s approach is a little different with Write On. It’s a place for writers of any skill level to go and put their work out to the world as a way of getting feedback from readers too. Feedback is absolutely crucial in learning the craft of writing. I can think of many of my early readers and how motivating it was to learn how my books were resonating with them. Write On is just that — a forum of writers *and* readers who mix and mingle and share ideas and help each other. It’s not just writers helping writers. The role of the reader is absolutely crucial.

Next week (November 10-15) I will be the ‘writer in residence’ at Write On and will be reading various stories, offering feedback and encouragement. The staff interviewed my wife Gina and I, and you can read the interview on the site. If any of you would like to register (it’s free), you can use the code JWHEELER. I’m happy to support the folks at Write On and encourage any of you fellow writers to drop by and maybe post something to the site for feedback. I’ll be lurking there, so send me a note if you’d like me to read something you submitted.

Second news – which I’m just as excited about. I have signed a contract with Amazon’s Jet City Comics to do a Muirwood graphic novel! This as been in the works for many months and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you. Those of you who have read the author notes of the Muirwood Trilogy know that I reference a novella I wrote years ago called Maia as the first story ever told in the Muirwood world. This novella was supposed to be the prequel of a fantasy trilogy, which I am now writing called the Covenant of Muirwood trilogy. I wondered what to do with the novella, since it was designed as a stand-alone piece yet it introduces the plot and main character of the new series. Jet City Comics approached me about turning this story into a Graphic Novel with plans to launch it in the middle of 2015 (ahead of the Covenant series expected in 2016). The graphic novel will be serialized and the final segment will be ready before the new series launches. I am thrilled to be able to work with Jet City Comics and their script writers, editors, and artists to visualize this story which has been a favorite of mine for many years. I have removed the story from my blog now and look forward to being able to share it with you in full color!

For those of you who don’t  know about graphic novels, they are like comic books where the story is told frame by frame. Jet City Comics did George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight graphic novels (below).


Link: here

Also, if you did not see my earlier announcement, pre-orders for Poisonwell went live this week on Amazon. The official launch day is Feb 24, 2015 on Kindle. You may have noticed that the print version is coming out in April. There was a schedule slip in getting the print version done in February, but 47North committed to get the novel out in Kindle so that you didn’t have to wait to extra months. Reminder for those who like both versions, with the Kindle Matchbook program, if you buy the print version, you can purchase the Kindle for $0.99 any time later. It’s a great deal!

This is all the good news for now…but there is more in the works! Stay tuned!



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