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Ten years ago, 47North published The Legends of Muirwood as a trilogy. It was such a whirlwind back then, doing three books simultaneously. Kate Rudd was chosen as the narrator and none of us had any idea how successful that launch would be.

About a year ago, I started talking to Adam Sidwell at Future House Publishing about doing a Kickstarter to commemorate the series. They had the experience doing them before and a team to help with fulfillment. We even got a little peek into Brandon Sanderson’s operation. Impressive!

So today, I begin a new chapter. Not a book but of a partnership to bring something my fans have been asking for. Hard cover editions. If this Kickstarter is successful, we hope to bring many more versions to you, along with other things you’d love (imagine, for example, bookends designed like Pasqua’s kitchen?). Or Leerings. Or things we haven’t thought of yet.

This special edition will only be available on Kickstarter, beginning today and until it closes November 13. I really don’t want any fan to miss out on the opportunity to learn about it and decide whether they want to support it or not. I’d appreciate any help getting the word out.

Thanks so much for all your support over the years!

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