Landmoor & Silverkin back in print!

I’d like to blame Adam for this post. Yes, Adam – a friend in Rocklin. It was his birthday recently and his mom wanted to get him copies of Landmoor and Silverkin. But being out of print, it was impossible. I just hate that word – impossible. Inconceivable, maybe. But not impossible. So when CreateSpace offered a great discount on their set-up costs, I got the digital files from Jeremy to see if they would work out. Fingers crossed. Waiting…waiting…waiting. Last Friday, the proof copies arrived looking even better than the copies on my bookshelves. I hand-delivered them to Adam last night. The smile was worth it. So, for anyone who always wanted a copy of my first published novels, they are now back in print through, offically, today:



Coming next year: the Muirwood trilogy.

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