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I’m impressed with Brandon Sanderson. I first learned about him back in the days of Deep Magic, the e-zine that some friends and I published many years ago. He had just come out with his first novel (Elantris) and I managed to interview him for the ‘zine and also enjoyed the book. He teaches creative writing at BYU (one class, I believe) and writes and writes alot. After Robert Jordan died, he was chosen to complete the magnus opus that Jordan didn’t surive to write. So, in short, he’s someone who has impressed me because he’s living the dream.

I learned about something crazy he decided to do with his latest novel Warbreaker. He decided to post it on-line as he wrote it and allow anyone to read it who wanted to. Instead of feeling that he’s giving away his career, he takes the point of view that if people read his work, and like it, they will want to buy it or share it with their friends. It takes guts to do something like this. Here is a link to his website that talks about his reasoning. I believe the future of publishing is heading in this direction. Authors will be establishing their own networks of readers and as a result, the publishing companies will come to them.

I like Brandon’s thinking – how he is going against the prevailing wisdom and trying something new. It’s kind of like becoming a pirate. Sign me up. So, hoisting the jolly roger and with a nice hat, I’ll be posting electronic copies of my books on this site. I have some other ideas that take me a little farther afield than Brandon. But I’ll save that announcement when I’m finished writing Book 3 of the Muirwood series. Ahoy mateys!

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