Jeff’s special announcement – big news!

I’m so excited to share this news that I wanted to do it in person (well, via Youtube anyway!) instead of a blog posting. You can watch it here:

Jeff’s big announcement

Coming in 2016: the Covenant of Muirwood Trilogy

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  • Shannon says:

    So excited for you Jeff. You have earned it and I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

  • The Queen Vee says:

    Well deserved, congrats. Can’t wait for the new trilogy.

  • Karen Swan says:

    It’s 10am here in the UK and I have just opened my eyes to this wonderful email. You have made my day I’m so excited. Congratulations on becoming a full time author!! Can’t wait for February 🙂

  • julie says:

    This is so beyond thrilling. I finished book 3 in one sitting on Sunday and I actually had to go through a three day grieving process before I could settle on another series.It was that hard of a story to see end. So glad to have a worthy female heroine. Lia vs. Bella. I know where my money would be….lol.

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