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I’m excited to go to New York in two weeks to attend Comic Con. Here is a schedule of where you can find me. On Friday, Oct 10th, I will be signing books at the 47North booth at 6pm. I would love to meet any of you who can drop by. Then I will be speaking at a panel at 8pm. Watch the program announcements for details where or drop by the booth and ask. I plan to attend Comic Con most of the day on Friday so if you see me walking around, say hi!

My first trip to New York City was pretty memorable. I was invited as a guest speaker at a labor economics conference at Columbia University back when I worked for Intel. There was a dinner after the conference at the university, which I attended. During dinner, I checked the subway schedule to figure out a way back to my hotel, and I saw that there was a subway station nearby, so I started off that direction. Strangely, the station was closed, so I went to the next one. Then the next one. Before you know it, I discover that I’m walking through Harlem in a suit late at night. Let’s just say that a lot of interesting people were staring at me. I finally found a subway entrance that was open and as I was walking down, a guy came up behind me really fast. My heart started pounding, wondering if I was going to get into trouble. Having had some Bhikhu training, I decided to use the Uddhava — so I stopped, moved over to the site, and reached into my coat pocket as if I was stowing a gun. The guy swerved away from me, went down into the subway, jumped over the rail instead of paying, and then boarded the next train.

Not all that exciting, but it was memorable, and I was relieved when I made it back to my hotel.


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