Is Mirrowen a Trilogy?

Fireblood - Whispers of Mirrowen - Jeff Wheeler

One of the recurring themes I found in the feedback of Fireblood is that readers weren’t expecting a cliffhanger ending (from me…really…) and didn’t know that it was the first book in a series. Let me set the record straight. I tend to write books in three-part story arcs, otherwise known as trilogies. When 47North bought this series, they bought three books. Fireblood is the first. There is no announcement yet when the sequel will be published, but I am almost done writing the first draft and will be ready to start editing it soon. I am not the kind of epic fantasy author that will string you along for book after book.  I like closure and telling stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end.


Next – I’m still gobsmacked by the results of February sales. I can’t release numbers, but I think we’ve exceeded all of our expectations. Shortly after the launch of Fireblood, it became the #1 bestselling fantasy book in the US on Amazon (which happens to be the biggest bookstore in the world). The Muirwood Trilogy held the top 3 spots in the UK for quite a while. As of now, well after a month since the launch, sales are still holding strong and I have four books in the top 20 bestsellers in the US and the UK. Surprisingly, Wretched of Muirwood has been holding its place quite steadily in the top 10. For a brief moment in time, I was in the top 100 authors and even landed, for a few minutes, ahead of JK Rowling.

I’m overwhelmed by what’s happened and have enjoyed meeting new readers (virtually, of course) from all over the world. I read each and every review left on Goodreads and Amazon. I love getting e-mails from fans and I do respond to them. The majority of comments have been fantastic and show there is truly a niche being met, as my editor David Pomerico dubbed it: “entry-point fantasy” – that enigmatic border between YA and adult.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with 47North. I’m determined to make Book 2 of Whispers of Mirrowen even better. Not all the reviews have been stellar, nor was I expecting that. We all have opinions. Some of the less than positive ones, my wife and I affectionately call out as being from Mr or Mrs Pricklepants. I’m overwhelmed by the response to my books so far. Here’s to many more years and many untold stories left to tell.


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