Invisible College

The immortal Aesir came to this world from a frozen planet. They built fortresses of ice and stone and they taught mortals the secrets of the Unseen Powers. And then everything went wrong. When the Awakening comes, they use violence to reclaim what once was theirs.

Centuries ago, a sorcerer named Isaac Berrow founded The Invisible College to train the next generations of sorcerers to wield magic, enchant objects with sentience, and withstand the onslaughts of the Aesir. The industry of magic has become mighty. Society has flourished. But no one knows when the next Awakening will happen.

Locations in Invisible College


Magic & Lore

The immortal race of the Aesir once taught humans the secrets of magic. That every living thing possesses an intelligence, a lifespark which gives that creation a will to act for itself. Sorcerers harnessed this knowledge and learned how to borrow the intelligence of a horse to inhabit a mechanical device to pull a cart. Or the intelligence of spiders to empower a weaving loom.

Over time the sorcerers passed on their knowledge through membership in a secret society called the Invisible College where learners are educated in the powders, reagents, and mathematics to harness these Unseen Powers. Through observation of the natural world and practice within their private alchemies, sorcerers have created many wonders, inventions which benefit the lives of even the most ordinary people.

Only by discovering new uses of magic can mortals defend themselves against the time of Awakening, when the Aesir seek to reconquer their world once again.

Cast of Characters