How do you pick new books to read?

Where I work, there is a daily poll of employees that asks all sorts of random questions. One came up recently that caught my eye – it was asking what made us buy a book. I voted, of course, and was able to see the total results shortly after. I watched the tallies during the day and took a snapshot at the end of the day (below).

If you exclude the last comment, the order seems to be:

1. Favorite author

2. Friend recommendation

3. On-Line reviews

4. Media buzz

5. Cover

So what about you? How do you find the next book you want to read?

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  • matt says:

    I usually have a stockpile (in the hundreds) of unread books and I just pick whatever strikes my fancy, unless I have to get a review done, in which case I pick according to what needs reviewing.

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