This is an empire of sky ships and floating cities. It is a world where the Mysteries hold sway. Students of Law, War, Thought, and Wind try to tame these secrets. Those who can, enter and enjoy the privileges of those living above. Those who can’t, remain in squalor in the Fells. It is a world where ghosts prey on the minds of the weak and the vulnerable.

Where even children are signed away through a deed of servitude. This is a world ruled by the Fitzempress family. A world that is about to change forever.



Magic & Lore

The common people do not understand how the magic of their society works. Such knowledge is hidden from the ordinary and taught at special schools throughout the empire. It is referred to as the Mysteries. How can a cleft mountain support a manor in the sky? It’s a Mystery. There are the Mysteries of Law, War, Thought, and the Wind.

The Mysteries provide water for people to drink. They have created industries that make linen for people to wear, music that gets transported to the high echelons of society, and empower sky ships like sleek zephyrs or massive hurricanes to jet through the skies delivering messages, goods, or soldiers.

Only the wealthy and the privileged are allowed to learn the Mysteries. It was not always so. Things have changed over the centuries that the Fitzempress family has been in power. But it will take a force even stronger than the Mysteries to make change possible again.

Cast of Characters