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I’ve been on a Terry Brooks blitz since the last posting. After reading ELFSTONES, I read DRUID and am re-reading FIRST KING. So is Gina. She has been going through the HERITAGE series as well. It has been a lot of fun, and it is giving me the writing itch again. After the election in November, I’ll be pulling out Muirwood again, making any revisions, then submitting it again to another round of agents.

For Halloween this year, we are doing a Star Wars theme. The costume selection has been great so far. I’ll be Darth Vader. That should be fun.

I saw a Youtube clip today that reminds me of the power of the Internet. The rock band Journey needed a new lead singer but wanted someone who sounded just like Perry. Where did they find someone? Through Youtube, a man from the Philippines. It’s a touching story as well as a reminder of how the Internet really brings people together from all over the globe. When I was in China a year ago, the hotel hired a Philippino band to sing for the attendees at the innovation conference and they were good ’80s immitators. Doesn’t surprise me that they found this guy from the Philippines

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