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It was a treat in mid-November to visit H. Clarke Powers school in Loomis, CA. I was invited to be the guest author to a group of kids who had read all the required reading in their classes. There were about forty to fifty kids there and I read them an excerpt from Wishing Lantern, signed copies of the book, and answered questions. It was a great experience.

The feedback I have gotten from Blight is very positive so far. I’m excited to start writing the final book in the trilogy, Scourge of Muirwood. I’ll try to go back to the rhythm of a chapter a week and see how long it takes to finish. I’ve been outlining the destinies of all the major and minor characters and now it’s time to start laying tile again – piece by piece. The first tile is a flashback to Lia’s father. Time to start setting the stage.

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