I’ve written the first 10 chapters or so of ‘Wretched of Muirwood’ and it’s coming along very well. It has taken a few twists that I did not expect, but that’s a good thing. My goal right now is to write about 4-5 chapters a month, then spend the next month re-reading, editing them, getting feedback, then planning the next chunk. In the past, I’ve usually just plowed ahead and written new material until I was done, but I want to go back and get a feeling for the pacing, which you can’t get when you write a chapter a week for a year.

One of the things about this last chunk of chapters that I like so much is that I’ve gotten to incorporate some of things I enjoy so much about Christophe Vacher’s work. He’s a French fantasy artist that used to work for Disney. I’ve been following his work for 5 years now and it always inspires me. Here are some examples (used with permission):

The_frontier.jpg Stormbreakers.jpg darklands.jpg

A recurring theme in Vacher’s work is the concept of ancient rock that defies gravity, or ruins from another age that simply dwarf what we can accomplish in the present. These telltale signs from the past are haunting and beautiful. I asked him where he got his ideas, and his reply was that he’s inspired by many things, but these are the images that come in to his mind. Have a look at his website for even more wonderful images: www.vacher.com

Want to thank my niece again for her great feedback. Jenna has had a big influence – helping me see how a teenage girl in today’s world relates to a teenager from another.

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