Last Saturday I finished the initial draft of The Wretched of Muirwood. So far, it is around 32 chapters and close to 300 pages long. It has taken nearly a year to complete, and I know there will be some major editing going on, but I’m pleased with how this novel has turned out. I’m also excited about starting the process of getting an agent and trying the traditional publishing route for this novel. This book has surprised me many times as I wrote it, and especially as I approached the ending. It’s as if the book decided it was time to be done and then threw me on a roller coaster during the month of June to finish it.

It’s strange reading my blog posting from June 2006 – how I was just teasing around with the idea of writing this novel. And now it is done, and it turned out far better (if different) than what I originally imagined it to be like. Yesterday was the 4th of July and I spent the day with my brother’s family who came over from El Dorado Hills to celebrate. My niece and I had a good discussion about her reaction to the ending. I’m excited about where this might go.

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