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Not many people know the story of how I became a full-time author. It’s a story about setting goals, failing, trying again, trying new things, failing again, sticking with it. It’s full of twists and turns, a lot like my novels. For years I have wanted to tell the story, to share it with other writers to help motivate and inspire them to hang in there.

Over a decade ago I took a writing class from Terry Brooks which changed my thinking on many things related to the path to publishing. It was a turning point moment. He gave me some advice which really helped make a difference in how I approached the craft. After many years of waiting for the “right opportunity” to share these experiences, I literally felt compelled to write about them this year, even though I was in the middle of working on a new series (The Grave Kingdom) and publishing my e-zine. When I finally started writing it this summer, it flowed out of me like water trying to burst out. I’m hoping it will be insightful to fellow writers still on the journey to their success. I also think it will be enjoyable for anyone who loves my books and wants to know where all this imagination came from and how my life experiences forged who I am today and why I write fantasy novels instead of thrillers or historical fiction. I used to write both.

I’ll admit I’m nervous about this new book coming out. It’s a true story, it’s my story, and I don’t pull any punches of where I made mistakes and some of the life lessons I experienced which were very painful as well as unbelievably cool.

I’m often asked for writing advice by people just starting their journey. This story is also for you. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of work to write a million words.

It will be published November 25, 2019 in print, e-book, and audio (and yes, I’ll be doing the narration myself)

Pre-order on Kindle here:

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  • I bought your book. I’m always interested in learning this craft of writing. I started over a decade ago. I’ve written over 20 novels and screen plays since that time. I’ve published four novels and I’m about to publish my fifth novel this year under DW Rigsby. I’ve been working at Cisco Systems for nearly 20 years, but my passion is in writing. Believe it or not – it was a prayer answered that got me started down this path – though I’ve not reached the conclusion. I’m still working at it and I hope your book helps me achieve my answered prayer – which was to earn my living through something I was passionate about. It took about a year of prayer before that answer arrived – write. I’m still on this path but I will tell you that it’s gotten much more difficult these past few years. It takes a toll to spend hours at your day job, then hours in the evenings, and hours on the weekend. I enjoy my family and they’re not getting enough of my time. So I’ve scaled back a bit but I haven’t given up because I got this answer from God. How can I give up if He answered my prayer? Anyway – thank you for reading this message. I wish you well and I hope to hear from you. Blessings – Doug

  • Dallan says:

    I first heard of your books on Kindle Unlimited, while I was looking for some audiobooks to listen to while delivering mail. Yours was one of the only fantasy audiobooks available. I started listening to the Harbinger series and quickly fell in love with it. I kept thinking, this guy totally seems like a member of the church, by the second or third book I was sure of it. I devoured the rest of your books over the next month, including this one. I’ve never had stories make me feel this way before. Feeling the spirit while reading a fantasy story. It’s amazing. Thank you. I haven’t had a favorite author since Terry Brooks in highschool. But I have one now.
    I’ve been writing for decades, and have yet to accomplish my goal, but reading your journey helped me to feel like there’s still hope. “It begins with a thought.”

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