Deep Magic is back!

I’ve been giddy with excitement about this for months now and can finally share it. After a 10 year hiatus, Deep Magic is back! Ten years ago, we shut down the e-zine after a four-year run including 49 issues. In June, exactly ten years later, we’ll be re-launching Deep Magic: the E-zine of Clean Fantasy and Science Fiction. I’ve pulled together the original founders (myself, Jeremy, and Brendon) and we invited some new people to be on the team, like Charlie Holmberg! (many of you know…she’s quite famous now after Disney secured rights to her Paper Magician series). Also on the team and the ‘voice’ behind the Deep Magic social media accounts is Kristin Ammerman. We’ve been joined by an editor I’ve been working with for several years now, Wanda Zimba, as well as a cohort of spectacular First Readers who all jumped on the chance to be part of this.

Deep Magic will be a bi-monthly e-zine exclusively on Kindle and available worldwide through the Amazon store (tip of the hat to our friends in the UK, Australia, Canada, and many more countries!). The first issue is available for pre-order now. The links are on our website: (notice the URL is .co not .com — it’s not a typo!)

If you’d like to be on our mailing list (and I hope you do!), you can sign up through the website or on the Deep Magic Facebook page here: Deep Magic e-zine. Those who sign up in the next few days will receive a chance to win a copy of the Kindle version of my upcoming novel, The Thief’s DaughterI’m going to randomly pick from the list of those who have subscribed and will e-mail a link to the e-book which you can download to your device.

What’s in store in the first issue? If you want to read gripping stories that doesn’t rely on sex, swearing, and graphic violence—you’ve come to the right place! In our first issue (which we’re labeling Issue 50 BTW), we bring you an interview with Brandon Sanderson (thanks to Charlie!). I’ve also provided an original short story of mine called ‘The Beesinger’s Daughter‘ especially for this issue. You will also find an extended sample of Charlie’s latest novel Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet which hasn’t even been published yet. We also have short fiction from Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Carrie Anne Noble, Steve Yeager, and Brendon Taylor. But we will have more than stories. We also have an interview with Harper Voyager executive editor David Pomerico. Oh, and a writing craft article by NYT bestselling author Anthony Ryan. As you can see, we’re bringing some pretty awesome stuff. We think you’ll love it so much you’ll want to tell all your friends about it on social media (and Kristin hopes that happens too!).

I really believe it was the experience of working on Deep Magic ten years ago that made me the author I am today. I’m passionate about this e-zine because I have a deep conviction that readers are hungering for more cleanreads and just don’t know where to find them. I also want to help other authors get published and paid professional rates. Deep Magic allows me to combine the two. I’m incredibly grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to see this vision fulfilled.

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