Cover reveal – The Widow’s Fate (The Poisoner of Kingfountain book 2)

This is one of those “surprise!” cover reveals. It’s not like Brandon Sanderon’s where he’d written a bunch of books during the pandemic, but it is something that was previously unplanned on my end. First of all, the news – I’m writing a new Kingfountain book! This has been quite a whirlwind project for me, but here are the juicy details.

I’m friends with author/publisher Tanya Anne Crosby who founded Oliver Heber Books. We’ve known each other for many years through our mutual support of BingeBooks and AuthorsAI. She’s super smart and super savvy and not only is a bestselling author in her own right, but she’s helping other authors find their audiences too. We were chatting on Facebook recently about some industry news, when out of the blue she offered to partner with me and buy the Ankarette stories I’d self-published (The Poisoner’s Enemy, The Maid’s War, and The Poisoner’s Revenge) and try to use her contacts and marketing prowess to sell more copies than I was doing alone. What would really help though was if I wrote another Ankarette story and we re-brand the series so that they all kind of looked like they belonged together. I’ve been super impressed with everything she’s done so far, so I decided to sign on with OHB and offered to write a new Ankarette novel, The Widow’s Fate. In short order, Tanya re-branded everything and boom, the new book is up and available for pre-order now!

Here is the cover art!


If you also want to see other pretty things, here are the re-branded covers for the other books in The Poisoner of Kingfountain series:

We’ve decided to order these chronologically (based on when they happen in the series) so it’s less confusing what order to read them in. To get inspiration for the new book, I went back to my Richard III research on Ankarette. There’s a true story in history about a missing heiress and two brothers fighting to control her future. The more I dug into the tale, the more the ideas began to sizzle. I went back and re-listened to The Poisoner’s Enemy which also gave me some great ideas as well. I’ve been so impressed with how fast Tanya and OHB work, and I’m excigted to partner with them on this story…and possibly some more in the future as well. Ankarette has been a fan-favorite for a long time and I have some more ideas that could also materialize if this one does well.

The Widow’s Fate launches October 17. And yes, Kate Rudd will be narrating it as well.

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  • Paul says:

    This is so exciting. Absolutely LOVE the character and am so happy that you are writing another story about her!!

  • Dawn M Gordinier says:

    I absolutely love all of your books. I decided to reread the Kingfountain books and while reading about young Owen, I stopped midway to go back and read Ankarette’s series first. Then out of curiousity, I decided to check out your website. Imagine my surprise that you are collaborating on covers and a new story for Ankaretter. I’m so happy! I believe you deserve a whole section in Barnes and Noble, much like Sarah J. Maas received. Please always keep writing!!

  • Wow Jeff, CONGRATULATIONS! I thoroughly enjoyed the other Ankarette books. I look forward to reading this! Keep up the great work!

  • Aimee B says:

    I have to say you are one of my favorite authors! Ever! Thank you so much for the amazing worlds.

  • Annie says:

    I love Kate Rudd’s narration. She’s as much a part of your books as the characters! She makes them come alive.

  • Priscilla H says:

    My brother recently introduced me to your books and they are AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t possibly have enough good things to say about them! And I love books where things overlap with characters and such, so these are just right up my alley! I learn so much from them, and I’m loving every minute of them. I wanted to see if maybe, just for us newbies, that you have a place on your website that has a full list of characters from each book, and a couple sentences about each? That way when the overlaps happen we can remember who is who and be able to get that information quickly while we’re in the middle of reading. Keep up the good work, you have a God-given talent!

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