Cover Reveal: The Maid’s War (Kingfountain prequel)

I’m super excited to share with you the fantastic cover art for my next book: The Maid’s War. This is the one I mentioned in my previous blog post. It is a novel I was inspired to write based on Ankarette, the queen’s poisoner, that so many of you know and love. I have ideas for more stories about her, so we’ll see how this one does before I consider writing more. She’s one of my all-time favorite characters and I loved coming back to her part of the story.

But for now, feast you eyes on the cover!

The Maid's War - The Poisoner of Kingfountain - Jeff Wheeler

The Maid’s War – The Poisoner of Kingfountain – Jeff Wheeler

This book will be published on January 3, 2017. There will be a Kindle, print, and audio version as well (narrated by Kate Rudd, of course!). She loves this series as much as you do.

You can pre-order it here:

Now, to clarify. This book takes place prior to The Queen’s Poisoner, which is why I called it a prequel. If you’ve never read any of the Kingfountain books, it is also a good place to start because it explains the mythology and magic system of this world. My personal view is that it should be read after The King’s Traitor and before The Hollow Crown. Let’s just say there is some unique information in this book that will be helpful to know before starting the new series next June.

I will be doing a Facebook Live event on Wednesday October 12th on the Deep Magic Facebook page ( to discuss Maid’s War, some Deep Magic news, and would love to have you stop by and ask questions.

See you then!

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  • Sally says:

    Very excited to hear about the new book coming out! I just finished The Kings Traitor and can’t wait for more in the Kingfountain series!

  • Max Nichols says:

    What time on Wednesday? I’m going to be at school & activities from 8 am to 4 am PST on Wednesday. 🙁

    Is it all day?



  • Jude says:

    My husband and I have read all three of the Kingfountain books. We listen to them audibly as we travel together in the car. Loved the way the King’s Traitor turned out. Would love to see them made into movies. I read your note where you would choose Richard Armitage to play King Severn. Well, I have already put together in my mind others for parts. 🙂 For Severn, I think Rufus Sewell would make a great Severn. Since Knight’s Tale is one of my favorites, I would choose others from that movie such as Laura Fraser (Kate) for Etayne and Mark Addy (Roland) as Mancini. Perhaps Shannyn Sossamon as Lady Kathryn. Gotta have Paul Bettany (Geoffrey Chaucer) as Kevin or someone notable. Alan Tudyk (Wat) as Catsby. Love Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games or someone younger for Owen. Perhaps Bell Thorne for Evie. Looking up other young actresses for Sinia. Don’t really know many, but perhaps Elena Kampouris would work. Need someone squeaky clean, though. 🙂 Well, enough dreaming. I do hope it can become one or more movies from them. Loved the clean writing and would hope the movies would be for all ages, too. Can’t wait for more!

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