Cover Reveal – The Grave Kingdom series is coming…

Creativity strikes people in many ways, but for me, it often happens when I mash-up two different ideas. By taking two very different things and combining them, something new and intriguing emerges.

After working so hard to finish the Harbinger series and mashing up some of my other worlds, I wanted to try something new. To create a new world that didn’t borrow from the legends I’ve already told.

I’ve been fascinated by martial arts since Karate Kid came out and I’ve studied several branches of kung fu. I also loved the film “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and learned about the origin of wuxia novels. Last year, I had an opportunity to spend a month in China and visited the ancient palaces and learned even more about the unique culture there. There was another plot idea that I’d been saving since a trip our family took to Alaska, but it was in  China that the two ideas collided and created my new series – The Grave Kingdom.

This is an adventure story. It’s fantasy but it doesn’t leverage any of my previous magic systems or worlds. It’s something new, something exciting and dangerous, and I’m so thrilled to announce that the first book, The Killing Fog, will be released in March 2020. All three books in this series are slated to be published in 2020, so you won’t have to wait long to see how Bingmei’s adventure unfolds. I think you will like our new heroine. She’s been so fun to write and has a story worth telling.

You can pre-order the first book here:

I will be updating my website soon with some additional details about this new world. Stay tuned!

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  • Joe L Willams says:

    Jeff, would you please let me know the contact information of your cover designer?

  • Anna Bouvier says:

    I love your writing. I hope to read all. I can’t tell you which series is my favourite. I first read about Owen. Then Lia. Then Maia. I reread all three times. Then found Harbingers. You definitely have a fan in me . I look forward to the next series coming in March 2020. Thank you for all. I assume your daughter has returned from her mission. Did she like where you went with Harbingers? Write on my friend.

  • Nicole Torres says:

    I cannot wait for your new series! I’ve listened to almost every series’ so far on audible as I am a commuter and like to fill my long drive with great stories. Each time I dive into a book of yours, I am astounded at the worlds you’ve created. You are my favorite author by far! And I’m also blown away by your pick of narrator, Kate Rudd. She brings an extra spark of life to each of your well-developed characters! I’m rereading the Kingfountain series currently on kindle. I’m curious though, will Kate Rudd be reading for The Grave Kingdom Series as well? If so, when do you expect to release the audible versions?

    • Avatar photo Jeff Wheeler says:

      The Grave Kingdom series will be narrated by the amazing Emily Woo Zeller. I think you’ll like her very much too and she’s the right pick for this project. The audiobook will be released the same time as the print and e-book versions. Thanks for listening!

      • Nicole says:

        You’re right I’m loving it! Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to review on kindle to spread the word! And thank you again for another must read that I just can’t wait to finish!

      • Mary Adams says:

        I’m sorry to leave a negative reply but I need to say that Emily did not live up to the performance standards of your previous books. She is too breathy and can be hard to understand at times. I don’t feel as drawn into the story as when Kate narrarated for you. She lacks passion. Will she be the narrator from this point forward?

      • Jason says:

        Will there ever be a book 4?

  • Michael McCormack says:

    Now finished the 3rd book is there a 4th book as this is a fantastic story and needs an ending.

  • Linda Harry says:

    I have loved The Grave Kingdom series. When will book 4 be published?

  • Ann Dugosh says:

    We went thru covid with Jeff Wheeler and the Grave Kingdom. We never got Covid but took long drives. Well, I feel like a kid in a candy store with Jeff Wheeler books! Kingfountain Series is my favorite. I usually read your books but with the Grave Series I went audio. My husband is not a reader so we went on long drives listening to this series and it was GREAT! I know other books need to be written and are calling to you but this book needs a book 4. Any plans? Thanks again for sharing your stories!!!!

  • Kai's Daddy says:

    Just finished the Grave Kingdom books in just over a week. It got better as the story progressed but at the end of book three it’s clear that there’s still quite a bit of story left. When are you getting back to this series? I’m guessing there’s enough here for another three books but if you can tie up the loose ends in one book I’ll settle for that. Thanks!

  • Joanna Peschen says:

    I’ve just finished the Grave Kingdom series. Thank you for Bingmei and her world! I loved reading it. From the first sentence I believed and was drawn into the adventure. You are a gifted storyteller. I have to ask about book 4 … please tell me there will be one? Again, thank you for a wonderful story!

    • Avatar photo Jeff Wheeler says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed Grave Kingdom. It was designed as a trilogy with potential to add more to the story later. I had high hopes that my Chinese publisher would be interested in acquiring it and publishing it, but that never happened. I still have ideas of where the series could go (with a possible tie-in to my Mirrowen world) but so far, no plans to explore that yet.

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