I’m always fascinated by the process of producing a book and the numerous people involved. For example, I learned this morning that the audiobook recording for Banished of Muirwood began today. I also received the final cover art for Book 2: The Ciphers of Muirwood. Let’s just say, I’m thrilled!

(There is significance to the earring on the character as well. I love being able to add little details like that. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything.)

The Banished of Muirwood launches on August 18, 2015. Pre-order it: here

The Ciphers of Muirwood launches on September 15, 2015. Pre-order it: here

The Void of Muirwood launches on October 27, 2015. Pre-order it: here

Muirwood: The Lost Abbey (graphic novel) August 26, 2015. Pre-order it: here

Just a reminder that starting in June (this month) your local comic book store can order copies of the graphic novel. To guarantee you get a copy, make sure you call your local comic book shop and ask for one. If you’d like a signed copy, you can call and order yours from my local comic book store, Ken’s Comics and Collectibles in Rocklin, CA: http://www.kenscomicsandcollectibles.com/


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