Cover Reveal – Grave Kingdom Book 3 (Immortal Words)

I’m thrilled to announce the cover reveal for the 3rd book in the Grave Kingdom series. It’s a little weird that all 3 covers are done before the first book has hit the shelves, but…soon…I promise! This series has been an epic journey for me and one that I can’t wait to share.

Again, Shasti did an amazing job visualizing the cover and the colors…wow! They really pop.

I can’t wait until this comes out. Enjoy the sneak peek at the cover and stay tuned for an announcement coming later about what’s coming after this series. I’ve been busy writing and have a secret I can share soon.



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  • Karen K says:

    Amazon finally recommended your books to me, and I love the first one I read, The Wretched of Muirwood. I’m looking forward to reading more. Please keep up the great work. Great cover too.

  • Whitney Thompson says:

    I agree with your wife. Please write a book four. I feel like I’ve been left horribly hanging! This series took me a bit to get into, but by this third book, I’m hooked and want more! Love your books. Have read them all. Can’t wait for the TV show and new series!

  • Kim says:

    I’ve been waiting for book 4 of The Grave Kingdom series to come out only to realize there is no book 4. Wait, what? How can this be? The book did not really finish the story. I have read ALL of your books and have gotten used to satisfactory endings, and this series was also enjoyable, but book 3 did not end the series, it left too many doors open. Please, please, please finish it.

  • Amy Simmons says:

    Love your books but, just finished the Immortal Words, so disappointing to be left hanging, please write another book and provide closure!!

  • Amy Simmons says:

    I love your books. I think I have listened to all of them on Audible. My husband and I just finished the Grave Kingdom series, we were so disappointed when we finished Immortal Words and were left hanging. Please finish it!!

  • Sherry Kennedy says:

    I have been reading your books nonstop for about two months and I love them all. I also have many questions left after finishing Immortal Words so I’m so glad that you plan to revisit this world. One question that I will ask now, however, I’m case I somehow missed the explanation I’m the book…Why was it okay that her baby turned out to be a son instead of a daughter as foretold?

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