Cover Reveals – Story Collection & Book 1 of Dawning of Muirwood

Here’s a first – I’m doing two cover reveals at the same time! As I announced previously, I have a collection of all my short stories and novellas coming out soon. This includes stories set in the world of Kingfountain (Poisoner’s Revenge), Muirwood (The Lost Abbey, Sorieul’s Eyes), Mirrowen (a tale about Tyrus’ sister), as well as all the stories I published in Deep Magic.

This collection of stories will come out November 9th and will be available on Kindle, as a print book, and through Audible, narrated by Kate Rudd. There are 13 stories in the collection and I’m so excited for it to come out. The cover art is from Eamon O’Donoghue, who created the artwork for the original Legends of Muirwood series.

Next, we have Book 1 of the The Dawning of Muirwood. Here is the cover art for The Druid. If you click on the cover, it will also take you to the pre-order page. If you don’t want any hints about the plot, then don’t read the book description. No spoilers, really, but some readers don’t want to know anything. You’ve been warned! This is the story of the founding of Muirwood Abbey.

This artwork is by Kirk DuPonce. I’m excited about the look and feel of it and hope you are too. This new series comes out in May 2022.


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  • beth says:

    Oh, please, correct “than her” (“he is taller than her”). “Who/whom” is down pat, but the “than” construction is never correct (once it was)! Readers come to a screeching halt at grammatical errors! The rest of your writing is superb, but the “than” construction impedes the prose. Thx for listening. b

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