Cover Reveal: Book 1 of the Harbinger Series

It’s a little strange to be announcing a new series when I’m half-way done writing it and haven’t even told you, my dear fans and friends, what’s going on. But since Amazon won’t let me keep secrets from you (the pre-order page is up, after all), I thought I’d take a moment this morning and announce my new series by showing you the awesome cover art.


For those interested, the pre-order page is here and it contains a little blurb about the story. Read it at your own risk!

I hope you look forward to this new series. As an author, I’m always pushing myself and my imagination to new limits. The Harbinger series is a 5-book series. There will be some time gaps in between each book so you can watch how these characters progress. Another thing that is different is that there are two protagonists telling the story. They each have a different perspective and background and see the world differently. I think you’re going to love both of them but they are different and unique and so fun to write! Sometimes I can’t decide which of their stories I want to tell more.

To read the Harbinger series, you don’t need to have read any of my previous books. Ever since high school, I’ve been a fan of Charles Dickens and have grown to love other famous British authors like Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, the Bronte sisters, and Anthony Trollope. And I’ve always wanted to write a story set during an age like that. Except with magic and re-inventing things to make it feel new and exciting and…as always…unpredictable.

As I said, I’m already half-way through the series. Each will be published a couple months apart, like my other books have been, so you don’t have long to wait.

Get ready for an adventure that will take you places you could only dream about!



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