Fictional villains like Professor Moriarty, Hannibal Lecter, and Darth Vader continue to stand the test of time. Their enduring legacy is due to their complexity as characters. This workshop will focus on how to turn your one dimensional villain into a full blown bad-a** that your readers will love to
No matter how complex your plot is or how beautiful your descriptions are, or how well you can use a metaphor, if your readers don't care about your characters, you've lost them. Many writers are reluctant to incorporate emotions and emotional reactions for their characters for fear of being called
Let’s face it, action scenes are difficult to write. Writers must find the perfect balance between description, dialogue, inner dialogue and character emotions. And we all know action scenes in movies and on TV shows are unrealistic at best and often impossible without the aid of special effects. This session
Readers love them, publishers love them, writers love them...sometimes. This workshop will discuss writing a series from why write one to how to plan one (yes, even pantsers can plan a series). Also discussed will be the problems and pitfalls of writing a series from forgetting details to getting bored
Worldbuilding is the foundation of the fantasy genre. In this class, we’ll learn the macros and micros of creating a story-world and the many ways it influences plot and character. After touching on the basics, we’ll dive into magic systems, creature creation, history, punk genres, and more. Workshopping together and
Sex happens. It can be the culmination of a love story or the beginning of a character arc. And while “sex sells,” it can be a tricky thing to tackle for conservative writers. In this class, we’ll discuss how to include intimacy in a story, and how to do it
Are you stumped with what to work on next? Ever wondered how a favorite author came up with such an amazing premise? There’s a lot of frustration with the question, “Where do good ideas come from?” because nothing and everything is the answer. In this class, we’ll talk about where
Book signings. They’re mutually sought after and utterly dreaded. So how does one succeed behind the table? This class will cover the whole shebang, from setting up a book signing, to interacting with potential readers, to what to do if and when no one shows up. We’ll cover how to
Do you tie down your magic with rules, or take it off the leash and let it roam free? Whether using a rule-based (limited) magic system or a free-roaming (unlimited) one, establishing the believability, originality, and world-building of magic is key to creating stories as methodical and real as Sanderson’s,