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I’ll admit, this one has me stumped right now. Normally, a book’s title is one of the first things I am able to come up with when starting on a project. I announced on this blog previously that my new project is called Kenatos and so that has been the working title draft of the book. However, it dawned on me recently that there are probably fifty different ways you can pronounce a title like this. As a friend has told me, “when you have to explain it, you lose.” The last thing I want to do is confuse my readers, and so I’ve decided to change the title. But to what?

That’s the interesting thing about writing. We connect so much to a story’s title (Pride & Prejudice, The Hunger Games, Twilight, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter). Creating a title to a book is creating a relationship with a reader. There is magic when it is done right. I guess I am still working on the spell. While I do *not* have a current working title for my new series, I can say that it is underway, at about 100 pages so far. I’m taking this one a little slower than normal and not giving away the major plot early on in the book. But I like the characters and the world and I’m relishing the thought of writing some of the future chapters. It is going to be a wild ride.

An update on the Muirwood Trilogy. I cannot be more pleased with the feedback that has been steadily coming in. I’ve heard from readers as far away as Australia and saw that someone in the UK downloaded the Kindle version this month. Sales of the trilogy are in the hundreds, with more e-book versions being sold than physical books. And I love reading the reviews on Amazon, Good Reads, or notes from Facebook or e-mail that come in from readers. Thanks to all who has spread the word about Muirwood to friends and family. Once we go from hundreds to thousands, that is when things will start to get interesting and maybe a larger publisher will get interested. Keep it up!

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