Calaveras Big Trees

With school about to start, we took the kids up to my parents cabin in the Sierras last week. On the way, we stopped by Big Trees national forest and enjoyed the giant sequoias there. It was in the morning, a little bit of rain to make things interesting, and ask we walked the north grove road, the clouds descended and hung like mist over the towering trees. It was an awesome sight and definitely inspiring. Some of these trees are 24-30 feet in diameter and some have fallen and been burned through, leaving shells big enough to fit our family, or hollowed-out tunnels that the little ones crawled through.

The setting will definitely come into play in a future chapter of BLIGHT. I’m nearly 300 pages into the book and ready to kick up the tension even more. With everything on my plate right now, I’ve decided to focus my energy on finishing the trilogy. When the series is completed, I’ll make the decision to either look for agents again or try the self-publising route again, maybe through Amazon’s service. I think over the next few years, the industry will have changed significantly. More and more authors will leverage the technology available to publish their own works, build up their readership, before the big publishers will look at them.

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