The Duke’s Treason: A Kingfountain Prequel

Book 4 of 5 in The Poisoner of Kingfountain

Published: 30 July 2024


Available in: Audiobook, eBook, Signed Paperback

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler…

True loyalty is revealed in difficult times. When trouble comes again to the court at Kingfountain it is trumpeted by Eredur’s defeated foe, Lord Devereaux. He was the ally of Queen Morvared who nearly vanquished Eredur at the fog-choked battle of Borehamwood. Now he has seized the fortress of Averanche and plans to hold it at all hazards and unite disaffected countrymen under his battle flag.

Ankarette Tryneowy, the poisoner of Kingfountain, must once again partner with John Thursby, a night watchman and once Devereaux’s sworn man, to aid Lord Horwath in bringing the rebel to heel and punish him for his crimes. But treason is in the air and the attack on Averanche is just the preamble of a gambit that could end in Eredur’s first defeat and third time losing his crown.

For the Fountain has already whispered the king’s brother will be king.


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The Duke’s Treason: A Kingfountain Prequel

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