The Betrayed

Book 3 of 3 in The Dawning of Muirwood

Published: 21 February 2023


Available in: Audio CD, Audiobook, Kindle, Paperback, Signed Paperback

On the other side of the mirror, as two worlds collide, heroes rise, enemies are unmasked, and legends are born.

Bound by more than the search for a fantastical stolen tome, Eilean and Hoel plummet through the mirror gate into Leoneyis—a world on the brink of disaster as its sovereign’s reign begins to unravel. Enemies converge to destroy King Andrew, who has become headstrong and paranoid. His influence is undermined, and his kingdom is vulnerable. That’s what happens when a king is betrayed by a queen.

The Queen of Brythonica is not just the rival of an anxious king. She’s in possession of the ancient tome that Eilean and Hoel seek, which could help her achieve immortality. She knows Eilean is coming for her, and she is every bit the match for the young wretched. After all, they learned under the same master.

Eilean’s first mission: save King Andrew’s court lest it disappear under the floods of the Deep Fathoms. Her second: retrieve what is rightfully hers from the clutches of the Queen of Brythonica. To do so means confronting the queen in a duel of wits and magic.

The fate of Leoneyis is left to Eilean. She must save one world to secure the future for which she is destined in her own.


The Betrayed - The Dawning of Muirwood - Jeff Wheeler

The Betrayed

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